Help Kansans with disabilities be seen and heard

Help Invisible Kansans be seen and heard!

Urge your legislators to remain vigilant regarding the inclusion of I/DD long-term care in KanCare!

On February 1st, long-term supports and services for Kansans with intellectual and developmental disabilities were incorporated into the State's Medicaid managed care program, otherwise known as "KanCare". Urge your legislators to watch out for these vital services and ensure that persons with I/DD are not harmed by the transition. Click on the button below to send your legislators a message.

Act Now!


What is an Invisible Kansan?

More than 8,000 Kansans with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) live in communities across the state. These Kansans lead lives in which they are cherished members of their family, valued employees in the workplace, and involved citizens of their communities. But when it comes to some statewide issues, they feel invisible. Just like you, Kansans with I/DD want to live fulfilling lives. They rely on community-based organizations to help them do so. Community organizations provide persons with I/DD medical and long-term supports like assistance in finding community employment, residential assistance and case management services. But those community organizations and the Kansans with I/DD they support are at risk. Governor Brownback wants to include long-term supports and services in KanCare, which would hand-over the reins of the system to private, for-profit insurance companies. Only you can help Invisible Kansans be seen and heard!

This effort is funded by InterHab and concerned Kansans

Dear Governor,

Don't experiment with the lives of persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities! Your constituents are calling for a permanent carve out of long-term I/DD services from KanCare. They're concerned and they're calling for you to take a stand!